Systems and Best Practices

The Tufts Health Plan Foundation supports nonprofit organizations in their work to improve systems and best practices that influence and ultimately result in healthy communities and age-friendly cities. The Foundation will fund activities in Health and Wellness, Workforce Development, Purposeful Engagement, and Field and Capacity Building that will:

  • Improve or build systems to support healthy living with an emphasis on the systems that are serving older adults
  • Bring organizations together to collaboratively achieve broader impact and change
  • Scale efforts to address community needs
Health and Wellness

The Foundation promotes healthy living and disease prevention and invests in programs and strategies that help older adults manage illness and chronic health conditions, promote independence, and help improve quality of life. All proposed activities should be evidence-based or evidence-informed, focusing on effective, science-based approaches that include rigorous evaluation and consistent outcomes. Activities can also be a best practice and systems approach to expanding, scaling or replicating programs to older adults living in underserved communities in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, focusing on those in greatest economic and social need. Efforts can consist of clinical and community interventions.

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Workforce Development

As older adults are living longer, they are also working longer out of necessity and/or choice. To stay competitive in the workforce, some older adults need to build skills or learn new ones. The Foundation invests in training and job placement strategies that offer opportunities for older adults with the greatest economic and social need to grow skills, confidence and competence.

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Purposeful Engagement

Older adults have experience and knowledge to share with other people and their communities. The Foundation will support programs that provide older adults with engagement opportunities within their communities and/or with other generations, provide a sense of purpose and alleviate social isolation. The Foundation also recognizes the essential role that family, formal and informal caregivers play in the lives of older adults. The Foundation will fund engagement strategies that promote and support physical and mental well-being, including:

  • Engagement that alleviates social isolation
  • Volunteer activities
  • Intergenerational programs
  • Family and caregiver support

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Field and Capacity Building

Systems change and collaboration can be challenging. The Foundation wants to address those challenges. We support activities that build the field of healthy aging and strengthen the capacity of nonprofit organizations to enhance quality of life for people as they age. We also will fund initiatives that build field capacity including support for family and other caregivers in their essential roles as they care for loved ones at home. This includes training and technical assistance as well as planning, coordinating and collaborating around age-friendly communities. The Foundation will also consider capacity-building programs for nonprofit organizations that provide encore careers, paid service work and/or volunteer opportunities.

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